One Moment.One Image.One Day


There are times in the life of every Professional Photographer, that we realize it’s not always about the money.. Our images reveal a side of the world that is never ever seen unless that moment is captured.. Over the 10 years I’ve been a photographer, I’ve had the honor to capture quite a number of local and international celebrities, in both the secular and gospel arena.. Today I get ready to capture another world renown gospel artiste and even thinking back to the time where I remember her first coming to Trinidad, I’m still so excited to assist in covering this event.. She has been one of my favorite gospel music ministers, namely Music Minister Martha Munizzi.. With permission from my wife, because we all know as a married man I must seek her permission to cover this event without it bringing in an income, I am gonna enjoy capturing every moment of this event.. Freelancing is  a very important part of photography, it helps you to develop your skill while building your portfolio..

Word of advice to photographers, don’t be afraid to ask.. Upon learning of this event, even learning that another photographer was already hired to cover it, I still decided to email the promoter.. She is a wonderful lady, Minister Michelle Modeste allowed me to assist in covering this grand event in which I am preparing for even while blogging.. That evening, as a loving husband, I spoke to my wife about it and as amazing as my wonderful wife is, she allowed me to go, even though it hurts to not have her accompany me, a “tog” gotta do what a “tog” gotta do… So later I’ll be blogging one of the images from this event.. Remember it’s one photo a day… Laters folks!


One response

  1. Rachel

    Nice Job babe, keep up the great work.

    February 2, 2013 at 7:21 pm

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