One Moment.One Image.One Day

Picture Perfect!

Being a Trinidad Wedding Photographer, I always encounter the unusual at a wedding. Most times the major unusual comes from guests afraid to approach me for a candid portrait.. I am a very well known individual, maybe not as well known as others, but I am also well respected for my views and approach to my craft, clients and personality. I guess sometimes my reputation precedes me, causing a lot to see me in a more serious light.. But as photographers, we have the ability to change a lot of things, one being the way others see who we are.. I’m a really cool lad, I laugh and kid around, especially when I’m working at weddings, concerts and such, not to create a person that I’m not, but just to bring out the person that my clients and their patrons are.. Photography should only move us to tears, when one remembers the value of the moment that image depicted.. Keep shooting and keep doing what it takes to make your clients smiling. Be different and change the world through your difference…



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