One Moment.One Image.One Day

A Moment, That’s All You Have…

People often ask me why do I love photography so much.. To many they will have to wonder and formulate an answer that appeases the tastebuds of the interrogator, for me it simple. I do this not just because of my love and passion for photography, but also because I am capturing a moment in time that will never be relived again, I’m actually contributing to history. Some folks will look at me like I’m crazy, but I don’t mind… See, the thing is, this island a hundred years ago looked quite different, all that remains from the past are the pictures. It’s the physical evidence that this moment has already become history… It is a position I regard very highly and so, I aspire in all I do, to be very detailed about the way I document the various locations I shoot at in this island. See, come tomorrow and this world changes, all we’ll have are our memories and our images. In a world so advanced technologically, we must strive not just to capture the moments that are happening all around us, but see ourselves as a bigger part of the puzzle. We’re the ones writing history… Click!IMG_0037.JPG




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