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A Moment, That’s All You Have…

People often ask me why do I love photography so much.. To many they will have to wonder and formulate an answer that appeases the tastebuds of the interrogator, for me it simple. I do this not just because of my love and passion for photography, but also because I am capturing a moment in time that will never be relived again, I’m actually contributing to history. Some folks will look at me like I’m crazy, but I don’t mind… See, the thing is, this island a hundred years ago looked quite different, all that remains from the past are the pictures. It’s the physical evidence that this moment has already become history… It is a position I regard very highly and so, I aspire in all I do, to be very detailed about the way I document the various locations I shoot at in this island. See, come tomorrow and this world changes, all we’ll have are our memories and our images. In a world so advanced technologically, we must strive not just to capture the moments that are happening all around us, but see ourselves as a bigger part of the puzzle. We’re the ones writing history… Click!IMG_0037.JPG




David and Isha

What started off as a bright and sunny Sunday, quickly turned into a dark and rainy one.. There’s an old saying here in Trinidad which goes like this, “if you eat in pot, rain is gonna fall on your wedding day” I guess it was just heavy showers of blessings.. Eventually the rain subsided, allowing the proceedings to run flawlessly.. David, the groom, arrived after Isha. She was anxious to become his wife… After which, we headed to Palmiste Park, La Romaine in Trinidad to capture some special moments with friends and family.. As the evening sun became more golden, we were in the right place at the right moment to capture this special memory, before heading back to the reception.. A small wedding it was, but a lovely evening with lovely folks indeed…